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  • Can I sue the city for being hit by an uninsured driver

    No -- however, you should send a copy of the police report with a cover letter noting the prior incident to the Department of Motor Vehicles requesting that the driver's license and vehicle registrations be revoked.

    Not much solace, but that is about all you can do.

  • I live in Louisville Kentucky

    While a Tennessee attorney can represent you in a Federal SSD hearing in Kentucky, the better question is why would you want an out-of-town lawyer without a local office to represent you?

    Please note that I am not questioning the competence and ability of the Tennessee lawyer; rather, I question why you would not want a lawyer that you can sit doen with to discuss your case, who would be available to meet with as needed, and would know the local medical profession and SSD judges?

    There is a lot to say good about relying upon a local attorney.

  • Landlord gave wrong date on time that the apartment was gonna be sprayed. Pest control came in while pregnant gf was asleep and sprayed

    You clearly need to document the event with as many details as possible.  If you can get a copy of the work order and invoce , then do so.  File an incident report with the landlord and keep a copy.

    Then, you need to wait to see if your girlfiend or her child develope any medical issues related to the pestifice exposure.

    While you can certainly prove negligence, right now you cannoy provide an injury caused by the spraying.

    Regretfully, you are in a hurry-up-and-wait mode...

  • Legal malpractice

    Clearly, you need to retain a divorce lawyer to determine whether you can still obtain a QDRO -- qualified doemestic relations order.  I just do not know the answer.

    You may have a legal malpractice claim against your prior lawyer.  My advice would be to contact the Kentucky Bar Association fo a referral in your general vicinity.

  • If a minor child gets insurnce settlement does it have to go in the bank until they are 18

    Generally, a parent is appointed or acts as the trustee of the account.  If the parent agrees with the request to use the funds, then the funds can be spent.  A minir does not have an independent right to the money.