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Workers’ Comp Mediation

Many people do not trust the judicial system to make good decisions. Especially in a state like Ohio where the judges are elected, more and more litigants are turning to mediation as a way to resolve their disputes. Cincinnati workers’ comp law may require that your case be mediated.

In Ohio, an injured worker has a number of rights. In reality, that workers’ compensation is just like any other insurance. Insurance companies do not make money by paying claims so they are likely to fight your claim. That is why need a Cincinnati worker compensation law attorney who fights back.

While sometimes these battles occur in a courtroom, the vast majority of cases settle before trial. Mediation is an important part of this process. No two mediators use exactly the same process, but all mediations are the same.

  • A neutral party, who can be a lawyer, moderates the proceedings. This person may or may not have been court-appointed.
  • Party presentations are an important component of mediation. Each side gives a brief summary of its case, highlighting favorable items and downplaying negative aspects. A Cincinnati workers’ comp law attorney knows the best way to present your case to the mediator.
  • Negotiation sessions usually take place with the mediator shuttling between the parties. Through the process of offer and counteroffer, the mediator attempts to convince both parties to reach a settlement. A mediator who is favorable towards your side may mean more money in your settlement, or the difference between winning and losing.

We have been helping injured workers since 1972 in every stage of their Cincinnati workers’ comp claims, including mediation and beyond. Contact Young, Reverman and Mazzei to schedule your free initial consultation.

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