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Police Chief Awarded $2 Million in Discrimination Suit

A federal jury in Washington has awarded $2 million to the former police chief in Medina, deciding that he was discriminated against when he was fired in 2011. In his lawsuit, the plaintiff claimed the Medina city manager had fired him because of her “old-school racism” against non-white department heads. This is 2013 — why… Read More »

Discrimination Suit Filed Against Ohio School

Two white teachers in the Columbus, Ohio, School District have filed suit against the district, claiming racial discrimination. The suit claims that the teachers’ supervisor, who is black, retaliated against the plaintiffs after they filed complaints about the gifted program at the school. The plaintiffs detail a “hostile, abusive and intimidating working environment” created by… Read More »

CO Sheriffs to File Suit Against New Gun Laws

A group of sheriffs in Colorado have said they will file a lawsuit against the state over newly passed gun restrictions. The new law prohibits the sale of ammunition magazines holding more than 15 rounds; the proposed suit would claim the new law violates the Second and Fourteenth Amendments. Currently 37 of the state’s 62… Read More »

What to do about guns — what do you think?

Thousands of men, women, and children die each year from gun violence.  Gun ownership is protected by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.  Protecting individual freedom and liberty are essential government obligations, and responsible citizens should not be puinished for exercising their rights.  Issues such as background checks, large capacity ammunition magazines, and assault… Read More »

Pizza Hut Franchise Company Named in Wage Suit

Pizza Hut employees have filed five lawsuits against franchises across the country owned by NPC International alleging improper overtime payments. The lawsuits all contended that franchise owners forced or encouraged employees to work off the clock without pay. One of the suits claims managers forced employees to attend training sessions off the clock, another alleges… Read More »

Man Responsible for Fatal DWI Crash Sues Restaurants

A New Mexico man who killed two women in a DWI accident in 2010 has filed a lawsuit against two restaurants in Santa Fe and his friend, blaming them for the accident. The plaintiff says the restaurants continued to serve him alcohol “though he was obviously drunk,” and the friend he was with allowed him… Read More »

Cincinnati Parking Concession to be Leased

The City of Cincinnati, for budget reasons, has has voted to enter into a lease for the City’s parking rights. The lease would net the City $92,000,000 up front and $3,000,000 a year for 50 years. Parking rates will surely rise. A Judge has issued an order preventing the lease from being signed while petitions are circulated to… Read More »

Fatal Accident Caused by Faulty Tire

The death of a 12-year-old Alabama boy has prompted a lawsuit by his mother against the manufacturer and distributor of tires recently placed on her SUV. Witnesses said it looked like the tire blew out on Interstate 65, causing the SUV to roll several times, killing the boy. The woman claims the tire company “designed,… Read More »

Ohio Man Files Police Brutality Lawsuit

An Ohio man has filed suit against two Nelsonville police officers who allegedly beat him up and delayed taking him to the hospital during an “unwarranted” traffic stop in 2011. The suit claims two officers tackled the plaintiff and “stomped and kicked” him for two or three minutes. The man complained of chest pains after… Read More »