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Indiana Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation is publicly funded insurance. The employer pays money into the system and government employees decide which injured employees are eligible for compensation. Just as a person injured in a car accident retains an attorney to pressure the insurance company into paying fair compensation, so can an Indiana workers’ compensation law firm help you… Read More »

Be Sure You Look Both Ways

Pedestrian accidents in Cincinnati are all too common and nearly always end badly for the pedestrian. In 2011, over 1000 Ohio pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents. Senior citizens were the most likely victims, with people over 65 accounting for nearly 15 percent of the total. Pedestrian accidents in Cincinnati represented a significant number of… Read More »

Truck Accidents in Ohio

Approximately 70 percent of consumer goods in the United States are transported by truck. According to the law of averages, all these trucks, travelling so many miles, mean a lot more accidents. Given the elevated risk factors of large trucks when a truck accident does occur, the consequences tend to be catastrophic. In 2009, Ohio… Read More »

Residual Tort Reform

The 1980s saw parachute pants and tort reform. Many state legislatures believed that personal injury plaintiffs were obtaining jackpot verdicts at the expense of insurance companies, and that, in the end, these damages were paid for in the form of higher insurance premiums. Cincinnati personal injury lawyers did their best to debunk these myths and… Read More »

Workers’ Comp Mediation

Many people do not trust the judicial system to make good decisions. Especially in a state like Ohio where the judges are elected, more and more litigants are turning to mediation as a way to resolve their disputes. Cincinnati workers’ comp law may require that your case be mediated. In Ohio, an injured worker has… Read More »

Questioning a DUI Arrest

Having a criminal charge for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) on your record can have a negative effect on your future. That is why it is important to have a criminal defense attorney standing up for your rights. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Cincinnati can question the arrest process and work to get your… Read More »

Bankruptcy and Personal Debt

Although financial or political issues may affect why a government goes into debt, overspending is usually the culprit. While it is true that personal debt is at an all-time high, overspending is usually not the problem for individuals. People go into debt primarily due to some combination of family emergencies and lost income. For example,… Read More »

Your Attorney and the Social Security Disability Process

The economy has changed and the Social Security Disability (SSD) system has changed as well. Twenty years ago, only those who found it difficult to manage their SSD applications used Cincinnati Social Security Disability lawyers. Now, given the large number of claims that are turned down, an attorney makes a great difference in whether you… Read More »

The Ohio System of Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation in Ohio operates under a unique system. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, the success of your claim may depend as much on a Cincinnati workers’ compensation lawyer as your physical recovery depends on the medicine prescribed by your doctor. The state controls every aspect of workers’ compensation… Read More »

Is It Fair?

You may know that many Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings in Indiana are rarely successful until the third layer and that the waiting time for a hearing date can be at least a year. Aside from these problems, is the SSD system fundamentally flawed? Fairness is a salient feature of the rule of law. This… Read More »