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Is It Fair?

You may know that many Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings in Indiana are rarely successful until the third layer and that the waiting time for a hearing date can be at least a year. Aside from these problems, is the SSD system fundamentally flawed?

Fairness is a salient feature of the rule of law. This means that the same rules apply to everyone, all of the time. In football, juggling the ball during a catch is always an incompletion. Touching the ball with your hands is always illegal in soccer. However, are the SSD regulations always the same for every applicant? Or does the success of your application depend on which Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hears your case? An Indiana Social Security Disability attorney can help ensure that your application receives fair consideration.

Disposition Rates

The total number of SSD decisions handed out each year is around 500. However, a number of ALJs render thousands of decisions per year — one ALJ logged over 3,000 decisions — while others decide almost no cases. Is this fact merely a statistical anomaly or do some judges reject most claims?

Allowance Rates

The percentage of applicants who receive awards has declined for three straight years. Whether this is due to an increase of meritless applications cannot be known. It is a certainty that an attorney experienced at dealing with Social Security Disability hearings in Indiana can greatly improve your odds for success. Contact Young, Reverman and Mazzei to schedule your free consultation.

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