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Have you been to the Horseshoe?

Cincinnati’s new casino has been open for the past month or so.  In April, the Horseshoe generated over $21 million in revenue.  For April, the Indiana casinos had around $9 million less in revenue.  There also seems to be a lot more radio and TV ads for both the Horseshoe as well as the Indiana casinos.

 If you have been to the Horseshoe, how does the place compare with other casinos?  Do you think that the Horseshoe will provide enough jobs and tax revenue to be a benefit?  How do you think adding slot machines at the local race tracks will affect the casinos?

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    Posted June 5, 2013 at 12:06 pm | Permalink

    I have been going to Horseshoe Cincinnati since they opened and I am a platinum player. My mom is an entry level player who has been there twice since it opened. Her comps are triple what mine are and she gets invited to cocktail parties and dinners at the steak house and tons of free play, designer sunglasses and the list goes on and on, oh she even has her own casino host. I can see what her reward credits and tier score are and mine are at least triple. She does not have a computer so I signed her up on my computer for the Total Rewards Program, so when she wants to book a room or just to know what comps she has, she asks me to look. If Horseshoe Cincinnati is going to discriminate for whatever reason I will be going back to the Indiana Casino’s where my comps are actually based on my play and not my age. I have enjoyed the convenience of the new casino, but don’t understand the difference. I wrote to them about it and a manager called me and said they are not allowed to compare family members comps, points etc, he doesn’t have to, I can see them on the TR website.

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