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Common Core and Education

Ohio has instituted common core learning requirements.  "Common Core" is a national standard that provides a minimum baseline for subjects and topics to be taught by schools.  Student progress will be one factor in evaluating teachers.  Standardized test will be used to measure student progress. Teachers who were previously classified as "highly qualified" under 'No Child left Behind" may no longer be so under Common Core as some elements of Common Core, such as parts of the reading curriculum, required additional certification.

We see Common Core as a potential for fraud, waste, and abuse with private testing companies and colleges cashing in as paid service providers.  Private testing companies will be paid millions to develop tests and the colleges will charge teachers thousands of dollars for certification.  Schools need to be run and administered locally to meet community needs.  Further interference and requirements from State and Federal bureaucrats are just not needed, nor should private companies and colleges enrich themselves at the expense of our children.


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