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Behind the Numbers

In direct sales, if you make 100 calls, 90 people are likely to hang up on you. In this numbers game, the more calls you make, the more you sell. Kentucky Social Security Disability (SSD) lawyers play a similar game, although the numbers are not quite as bleak. When you are injured and apply for SSD benefits, there are only two numbers that matter ― how long you have to wait for a hearing and how many hurdles you have to overcome.

The Application Process

SSD approval statistics in Kentucky are not high. Only 23 percent of Kentucky SSD applications are approved at the first stage.  Less than eight percent are approved at the second stage. These figures are well below the national average. In the third stage, when an effective  Kentucky Social Security Disability lawyer can help guide you through the maddening application and appeals process, , the approval rate skyrockets to 73 percent.


Though the first two steps come within a few months of each other, there is a significant delay in reaching the third stage. The average wait time for a Continuing Disability Review hearing is 11 months. With a Kentucky Social Security Disability lawyer as your advocate, this long wait may be reduced.

You are bombarded with paperwork in every stage of the claim review process. A Kentucky Social Security Disability lawyer can filter all these document requests so you can focus on your physical recovery.

An effective attorney can mean the difference between receiving SSD benefits and receiving nothing. Contact Young, Reverman and Mazzei to schedule your free consultation.

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