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For our Family and Friends

Going to Court… Going to court can be scary and confusing.  This is true not only for injury claims, but for other types of cases such as criminal charges, domestic relations issues, and probate matters.  Court cases are formal proceedings with strict procedures and many rules to follow and written documents to file.   We… Read More »

Auto Collisions Hurt All of Us

No one plans to be hurt in an auto collision. No one is ever really prepared for the after-effects of the collision — pain, restrictions on activity, medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc. No one really ever considers how injury and disability harm and endanger our families and friends and the community in which… Read More »


Injured workers often ask about whether their claims are still open for medical treatment. Likewise, providers are often concerned with whether their bills are timely filed and when bills are payable in a claim. Under the law, Ohio workers’ compensation claims remain open for payment of compensation and medical bills for a rolling 5 year… Read More »


SPECIAL EDITION: SAFETY ALERT EVERY DAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE AT RISK FOR LIFE AND LIMB Safety rules are supposed to protect all of us. Employers who carelessly or recklessly violate safety rules, causing injury to employees and harming families are held accountable. Under Ohio law, if a work injury is caused by the… Read More »

YRM CO., L.P.A., NEWSLETTER – April 2014

Social Security Disability benefits is compensation you have paid for and to which you are entitled. As seen on TV

YRM CO., L.P.A., NEWSLETTER – Hard working attorneys working hard for you

Hard working attorneys working hard for you

YRM CO., L.P.A., NEWSLETTER – February 2014

Debt relief options in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana An injury, a lost job, a divorce or an economic downturn can result in the accumulation of substantial debt. Creditors’ annoying phone calls, harassing letters, foreclosure actions and lawsuits further add to the stresses of mounting debts and do nothing to help you pay your bills.  

Mayberry Sheriff Andy Taylor Would be Blushing Right Now

Today’s post comes from guest author Leonard Jernigan, from The Jernigan Law Firm. By Leonard Jernigan from The Jernigan Law Firm Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor Mayberry was a small town, loosely based on Mount Airy, N.C., the hometown of actor Andy Griffith, who played the part of Sheriff Andy Taylor. Mayberry was a… Read More »

Law cuts damages awarded to sex-assault victim

A jury decided in June that a 21-year-old woman, sexually assaulted by her pastor when she was 15, should get upwards of $3.6 million for the post-traumatic stress she’d endured in the years since he attacked her. Because of a state law that went into effect in 2005, though, she’ll get less than a sixth… Read More »

Behind the Numbers

In direct sales, if you make 100 calls, 90 people are likely to hang up on you. In this numbers game, the more calls you make, the more you sell. Kentucky Social Security Disability (SSD) lawyers play a similar game, although the numbers are not quite as bleak. When you are injured and apply for… Read More »